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Running FleetCross After Installation

To install the FleetCross Application please click the button below:

Install FleetCross

Information & Screenshot Examples

Depending on your operating system, FleetCross can be launched various ways and from multiple locations:
1.) The first time FleetCross is logged into a prompt will be shown (see Figure 1) asking whether or not a shortcut to FleetCross should be created on the desktop. Selecting 'yes' to this option will create an icon on the desktop and will enable quick access to FleetCross via the desktop.
2.) Alternatively if a desktop shortcut was not created, FleetCross can be located by going to the "Start" menu and going to "All Programs" (or "Programs") and selecting the group called "MOTOR Information Systems", then clicking "FleetCross". (For Windows XP systems see Figure 2 and for Windows 7 systems see Figure 3 and Figure 4)